Our Leather Cleaning & Refurbishment service can clean, recolour, condition and re-seal your Leather furniture leaving it looking almost like new.

We utilise several cleaning agents, skilled techniques and attention to detail ensuring that all works are done to a high and specific standard. Our course of treatments consists of:

  • PRE-CLEAN Soften surface dirt / debris
  • DEEP CLEAN Reaching right into the grain with our anti-bacterial, professional solution
  • REPAIR / RE-COLOURING Scuffs & Scratches**
  • RESEALING Seals in all our good work
  • CONDITIONING Re-hydrates, moisturises and protects the sofa.

**Includes minor damage – Not widespread re-colouring or more serious damage which can be carried out at additional cost.

For severely damaged areas, we can provide a full panel replacement service.

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This is NOT a Recolouring job – This is the result of a seat cushion Deep Cleaned by Leathermatch. The work was carried out at a house where people smoked on a regular basis. The lady in question was so shocked at the result. She stopped Smoking!

Leathermatch applied our deep cleaning system to it and although it was hard work we were able to restore it back to almost its former self.
The refurb job included some repairs (scuffs, scratches & staining), a little recolouring, conditioning and resealing. Job Done!